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Open Source Projects

Here are the few Open Source projects I have been working (playing!) on in the past few years.


  • Custom visualization plugin for creating adhoc form to set filter. It follows v8 new plugin development framework based on React EUI. The Git repository also includes a tutorial how to get started coding Kibana plugins

API Management


System Monitoring

  • Sarmon: nmon for Solaris
  • Win32APIProxy: Nagios plugin. It uses an agent-less approach to monitor remotely Windows OS devices

Database Utilities

Firefox Search Engines (Add-ons)

  • XMLLittré: to search the old and famous Emile Littré French encyclopedia
  • Wikipedia (fr): to search the French language area of Wikipedia

Web Application Librairies and Utilities

  • EAR Search: to search any text pattern inside an EAR file
  • Simple Circuit Breaker: fully featured cirbuit breaker similar to Resilience4j, implemented for JAVA 7 or higher
  • A one-line RFC3339 JAVA DateTimeFormatter to strickly parse a RFC3999 Internet date time string
  • Context Root QoS: to setup Apache Web Server (or IBM HTTP Server) to guaranty threads to multiple web applications [coming soon]

Network Utilities

  • JAVA GUI for network traffic summary [coming soon]
  • Simple JAVA compressed tunnel [coming soon]