Windows Mobile

I own myself a HTC Touch 3G, nice little toy, very fast, good battery life, 3G. Only thing I miss is FM radio and video output to watch movies from TV when I travel.

Two short articles I wrote on the matter:

Using PocketPC for over 6 years, Microsoft has really failed to release any real innovation since its early time, they are still at the age of a port from desktop to mobile... HTC tries to enhance this, but this is still a nice "glacage" (in French, refers to the shiny layer over a cake), no real integration.

There are tons of information out there. The sites bellow will help you find the right free tools:

I rely on handango ( to occasionally purchase commercial products. Never have any payment issue. And BTW, piracy is stealing!!

The following links are excellent for forums and discussions about this OS

Have fun and tons of frustration !!