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Just to share few interesting facts and pictures I have gathered over time!

I own myself a HTC Touch 3G, nice little toy, very fast, good battery life, 3G. Only thing I miss is FM radio and video output to watch movies from TV when I travel.

Two short articles I wrote on the matter:

So much tools, toys, code out there! May I suggest few of my favorite items.

Mobile TaskManager: view CPU and RAM usage and running processes
wince_tools_taskmgr1.jpg  wince_tools_taskmgr2.jpg
TouchPal: super user friendly keyboard. Switching between languages is super easy

Supporting Asian languages is quite a challenge for app and OS developers. By chance, well I should say by some recent enhancements, Windows Mobile carries strings natively with 2 bytes characters. Unfortunately the non Asian versions of the OS do not display characters outside the ASCII 256 bytes range characters, but only show white squares.

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