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Here are the few Open Source projects I have been working (playing!) on in the past few years.


  • Custom visualization plugin for creating adhoc form to set filter. It follows v8 new plugin development framework based on React EUI. The Git repository also includes a tutorial how to get started coding Kibana plugins

API Management


System Monitoring

  • Sarmon: nmon for Solaris
  • Win32APIProxy: Nagios plugin. It uses an agent-less approach to monitor remotely Windows OS devices

So much fun playing and making your own lenticular images!

After receiving the lenticular sheets, I tried some free specialized lenticular software. I did not really work as the free version was always limited feature wise.

As I wanted to experiment with a start-free-first approach, I experimented GIMP. I actually could create easily few quite impressive (!!!) deep 3D pictures. I share here my little recipe.


Switch off your light and check if you see a difference...


So what is the result, please post it now! Thanks

Just a small collection of findings, research, wired topics, etc. Enjoy !

I list few tips to have more privacy and reduce various annoyances during web browsing, using your standard Firefox updated browser.

Tor Browser or OS like Tails are probably better choices if you are really looking for advanced anonymisation or privacy.

Here are few simple and very effective tips to improve the compliance of your Oracle databases in regards to installed and used options.

These tips cover most of the options commonly deployed. "Common" because they get installed during a standard installation (without probably one's knowledge) or used due to their known benefits by an application or by DBAs.

The "EAR Search" tool searches for text and regular expressions within a given JAVA archive file (EAR, WAR, JAR and ZIP). The tool does recursively search within included archive files.

Command syntax is very simple, similar to grep:

Syntax: java -jar EARScanner.jar [-c] [-E] [-k] [-n] fileToAnalyze searchPattern
    -c: search within comments (following java.util.Properties definition)
    -E: treat searchPattern as a regular expression
    -k: keep exploded files and directories
    -n: show line number

This NAGIOS plugin allows to remotely monitor Windows hosts in a agentless fashion.


Technically it is using the Win32 API from a Windows proxy server to the remote host. Syntax wise it mirrors NSClient++ features.

sarmon_cpuall.PNG sarmon_disksum.PNG sarmon_net.PNG
CPU Disk Network

You probably know nmon for Linux and AIX if you come to this page...

Let me share some very sweet painting of one of the most famous french rococo painter of the 18th Century. More information from Wikipedia can be found here.

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